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Yoel Lichtblau

Yoel Lichtblau

Sole Practitioner
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yoel has practiced law for more than 30 years.  He is experienced in a variety of legal fields, covering commercial litigation, copyright and trademarks, corporate and commercial, wills and estates as well as real estate and family law. He graduated from University of Toronto Law with a J.D. and obtained his M.B.A. from York University Schulich School of Business. Upon graduation he worked as a lawyer in the Israeli Tel Aviv Attorney General’s office for 3 years until returning to Canada where he worked as an associate for 2 years in a Hamilton law firm, Shinehoft, Mihailovich, Czutrin & Campbell. He specialized in personal injury litigation, administrative tribunal work and general commercial litigation. He then moved into Toronto where he worked in a legal aid clinic as an immigration lawyer until opening his own private general practice in 1991 where he practiced in immigration, copyright, real estate, estates & wills and family law.

From this broad experience Yoel has acquired an exceptional aptitude for  empathizing with clients, particularly for guiding and informing them through difficult and stressful legal matters. His background has allowed him to develop a diverse clientele from widely different backgrounds for whom he devises both practical and inventive solutions they can understand so they can confidently manage their legal affairs. Yoel’s approach focuses on the client’s needs, devising practical solutions, reducing risks and building a strong dependable legal support.

Since opening his own firm Yoel has focused on 3 areas of practice: Family Law, Real Estate and Estates and Wills.

In family law Yoel has over 20 years experience, providing clients with cost effective strategies for achieving the best possible resolution to the family conflict. Clients are kept informed at all stages of the process with the legal and financial information they need to make optimal decisions. Using principled negotiation strategies as part of his arsenal of alternative dispute resolution techniques, Yoel’s method remains primarily settlement focused, strongly advocating on behalf of clients for resolving the crisis so their well-being, children and financial security remain intact.

Yoel is a fully certified family mediator, being a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM) and the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO).   He is also fully trained in the collaborative family procedures and is a member of both Collaborative Practice Toronto and York Collaborative Practice associations. Family law is a legal field all too often known for the wounds it inflicts rather than the wounds it heals. Yoel’s primary aim is to protect your interests, reduce your risk and achieve for you a viable solution while avoiding the traps that pull you into expensive and bitter disputes .

In his estate planning and wills practice Yoel takes the same holistic approach used in his family practice. He meets with clients to understand their family dynamic in depth. This involves getting to know their overall family as well as their financial circumstances before developing planning strategies and solutions that meet their overall needs and pocket book. Yoel does not believe one plan fits all sizes. He  explores options with you to make sure whatever plan is adopted will meet your needs and budget. To this end he will work with your other professionals so the end result fits your overall family, tax and general financial circumstances.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law - Collaborative Practice and Mediation
  • Real Estate
  • Estates and Wills