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A cohabitation agreement in a common law partnership

When you and your significant other decide to move your relationship to the next level and agree upon living together, you may still be in the honeymoon phase of coupling, which could prevent you from giving thought to what could happen if things were to ever sour. In the event that life ends up taking you in different directions, having a cohabitation agreement in place may help ease a possible tense situation and make the transition much smoother.

Is collaborative family law right for your divorce?

If you and your partner are parting on pretty good terms, the collaborative family law route might be your best option. However, there may be certain circumstances where the collaborative process might not be in your best interests. Therefore, it might be wise for you to take a look at the different options for your particular situation and weigh the pros and cons.

Mediation: Massaging the tension out of the divorce process

The ending of a marriage can be painful, and the emotions of family members involved are often off the Richter scale. But there is a way to tame the tenseness, and in addition, a way to lessen the financial burden of separation -- mediation. It may be the solution you have been looking for to provide the smoothest transition possible to single life.

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